Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss tips

Health is Wealth and Healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

Most of the people in this world find very difficult to reduce their weight. The weight gain leads to Blood Pressure, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes and the core reason behind this is Obesity.Here are some quick weight loss tips.

If you’re not ready for a full-fledge diet and exercise program, try making a few simple changes listed here add it to your daily routine.

  • The first and foremost weight loss tip is, Never skip meals.  Skipping meals lead you to weight gain only.
  • Avoid heavy dinner, maintain at least 3 to 4 hours of gap between meal and sleep.
  • Replace cold drinks with coconut water, vegetable soup or butter milk.
  • Drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water everyday. And do not forget to drink water in the morning, the moment you wake up. In fact this is one of the most rapid weight loss tips that the dieticians suggest to the people.
  • Fibre is really excellent for weight loss, so consume more of raw vegetables, fruits and fibre rich foods.
  • All carbs are not bad; avoid simple carbs like sugar, sweet and processed food.
  • Eat slowly don’t rush up while eating, so that you can get a feeling that you have had enough food and your tummy is full.
  • Avoid Bakery products like bread, cake, cookies etc.
  • Avoid taking water along with the meal.
  • Keeping walking atleast an hour a day. It need not be power walking, but definitely it should be non-stop walk you can start finding huge the difference in you in a week
  • Don’t trust upon fat burning diet supplements. They won’t go a long way in helping you to reduced weight.